Technology Consulting Services

Consulting Services

Cirrus Technologies does not position itself as a "body shop". We believe that the depth of skills in our organisation differentiates us from contracting organisations, because every Cirrus consultant who performs work for your company is backed up by others who can step in and provide additional support. Thus, you are not buying a body, you are buying a relationship with a company.


System Architecture

We have accumulated a wealth of experience in information systems architecture both across application portfolios and within single business applications. We can bring this expertise to bear both by helping to develop the architecture for new systems and for portfolio realignment, as well as assessing existing architectures and producing road maps for improvement.

Systems and Code Review

There are often points within development projects at which an external view of the project deliverables can help identify issues and opportunities that can be addressed early in the life cycle of the application, helping to ensure successful delivery and realisation of benefits. We can assess the depth, coverage and quality of software artifacts and other project deliverables, and this can provide senior management with invaluable insights for decision making, and help to reduce or mitigate project risk.

Performance Review

The performance of information systems can be key to successful utilisation of systems and the enthusiastic adoption of systems by their target user base. There are risks in delaying or overlooking this issue during development cycles, and we recommend attention is paid throughout the application life cycle to ensuring that performance, however it is measured, meets business needs and enables full realisation of system benefits.

Problem Solving and Troubleshooting

Whether it is project issues, technical problems or product knowledge gaps, we can bring together and apply the collective experience and expertise of our team to solving problems and troubleshooting system issues for our clients. Our no-nonsense approach enables us to quickly and economically investigate, diagnose and remediate technical problems development teams or production support may be facing. We always approach our assignments with an emphasis on mentoring and empowering our clients, and try to maximise knowledge transfer wherever possible.

Technologies and Skills

  • Java Enterprise Edition (JEE) including servlets, JSP and JDBC
  • EJB and Java Persistence Architecture
  • iPhone and Android platforms
  • Spring Framework
  • Hibernate
  • Apache Struts
  • JavaServer Faces
  • jQuery
  • Web based applications
  • Portal applications
  • Web Services
  • Smartphone application development
  • GIS integration
  • OSGi framework using Eclipse Equinox
  • Communication and control systems