Cirrus Technologies

Software Excellence

Cirrus Technologies is a highly respected boutique Australian-owned technology integrator that specialises in the architecture, design, development and ongoing support services of Internet-based business applications.

Our approach is to build long term relationships with our customers, who view us more as an extension of their business, than just another supplier.

Our team of expert and experienced professionals can add lasting value to your business by providing unmatched support services for your application portfolio.

  • CoMetrix

    CoMetrix from Cirrus Technologies is a secure, modern, cloud-based Integrated Licensee Management System that gives your business a tremendous competitive advantage. Its revenue management module and powerful reporting bring significant business growth opportunities. It includes powerful tools to help you fulfil your adviser supervision obligations, helping to reduce your risk and ensure consistency in complex business structures.

  • CoMetrix Revenue and Remuneration (RnR)

    CoMetrix Revenue and Remuneration (RnR) is a secure, accurate, scalable and robust solution for Financial Services licensees that face the complexity of managing and accurately distributing revenue from diverse fund managers, insurance companies and lending institutions to their authorised representatives. more...

  • Outsourced Revenue Processing Service

    Revenue processing is an ideal candidate for outsourcing. Recognising that your business must balance the inevitable risks associated with performing this function in-house or by outsourcing it, we have developed a secure, scalable and reliable full service offering that can help you manage your risks and achieve significant cost savings.

  • Technology Consulting and Managed Application Support

    Cirrus Technologies is a specialist technology integrator, with a proven track record of JEE/C#.NET application development, WebSphere/Azure cloud-based application support services, and customer education. A partnership with Cirrus Technologies will help to reduce your project risks and maximise the return on your applications investment dollar.

  • State Government Solutions

    Cirrus Technologies is an accredited supplier under the NSW Government ICT Services Scheme and the Victorian Government Purchasing Board eServices Register.

    • Solution architecture
    • Custom JEE/C#.NET application development
    • WebSphere/Azure cloud-based application support services
    • Maintenance services

  • Full Service Offering for IBM Products

    We provide a full service offering that covers the supply and ongoing technical consulting and training in relation to IBM Rational and WebSphere products.

Announcement concerning "Cirrus Australia"

It has come to our attention that a company whose name is Cirrus Australia Pty Ltd (Cirrus Australia) has been trading under the business name "Cirrus Australia", which is confusingly similar to our company name and to our registered trade mark. more...